Monday, September 22, 2014

Sort of doodling- wordle-ling

I find when I am stuck and cannot get out the feelings. It helps to take a walk.
So I took a walk yesterday with my composition notebook, and my trusty Ipod.  Here is what came to me:

Sunflower fields                                       STilll                       Like a friends episode

                              Child loves

TODAY IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY                                          
No promises

But his name keeps haunting me 

Corn maze

How can I tell

I am alone all along                                      Disconncected

Linked haunt - taunt I would scream

I wonder when it will stop

Be with me still

Like a volcano lay dormant

I melt like ice cream in the sun                           

Spirit mound                          Strong

Sunday, August 19, 2012


 She Says

She can't listen to that song with out thinking
of him.
she says thats crazy but
I think about that song and him,
I wanted to collide and coexist
but there were plans
made by others
what would he do if he knew
he was the first thought of my day and the last thought of the night?
She says things that are crazy.
she thinks things that are maybes
she says she just can't listen to that song without thinking of him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So... It's been awhile.
Just like your favorite television series I took a long, long hiatus.
NaNo is two months and 2 weeks away, as is the P.A.D. Challenge.
I hope your still with me guys, and gals.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

p.a.d. chellenge


Am I to believe that I'm so Insignificant
That you pass me bye?
They may be watching you
Judging every move you make
But I see the way you look at me.

And I long to dream of you again.
To walk bye and see  your eyes
 for my legs to go  weak
I want that rush, that crush.

                                                          But prying eyes believe lies
                                                           If they want to criticize
                                                          Let them be
                                   It could  just be you and I.

Even through I have sacrificed
And even lied

                                        I am  to believe that I'm so insignificant
                                 That the idea of you and I
                                     Is to be ostracized.

                                           I see the way you look at me.
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